Three Lochs Forest Drive

We enjoy exploring the areas close to where we live by Loch Lomond. We have our favourite areas we like to go, packing our bags and heading off to relax by the water with Buster. We escape along the banks of the Loch Lomond looking for quiet beaches that few know about, with enough trees so we can put our hammocks up. 

As well as Loch Lomond, we also really enjoy heading out to Aberfoyle. Only a short twenty minute car journey away, there's beautiful forest and tranquil lochs. We especially like visiting the Three Lochs Forest Drive. On the circular dirt-track route, we stop every so often to explore the quite coves of the three different lochs. We find sitting by the water's edge under the trees so relaxing. Buster enjoys exploring too, playing in the water and relaxing amongst the trees.

In the near future we are looking forward to packing our tent, putting the canoe on the roof of the car and heading off to the Three Lochs Forest Drive. We can't wait to find a remote spot to camp and then get out on the water with the canoe and explore the area more, but this time from a different angle. Aberfoyle is now becoming one of our favourite areas to escape to, and we look forward to spending time there when the evenings are lighter and warmer.