Daryl Walker

When I am outside, just me and the camera, I feel a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging.
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I am Daryl Scott Walker, a 32 year old freelance photographer from the North East corner of England where I am blessed to call the beautiful Northumberland coastline my home.

Photography as a subject, was not on my radar until about four years ago. I bought my fist DSLR with the intention of capturing my local coast line, I was mesmerised by how powerful and unpredictable the ocean can be, and it was this side of nature which grabbed hold of me. Combining this curiosity with my addictive personality, I knew this would be here to stay for some time. When I am outside, just me and the camera, I feel a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging. Time is easily lost exploring in one single place but these are hours you do not wish away, they are hours which are soul cleansing. For me photography is my answer to a detox. A detox from the office space where most of the working week is spent. Being out amongst the lakes, up a mountain or standing on the edge of the world keeps me sane and with camera in tow all worries are cleared from my mind. 

Having spent most of my first years in photography taking pictures along the Northumberland coast line, my favourite thing to photograph is definitely the ocean. Pick a day when the tide is high and you can always count on the powerful waves to create some drama. The beauty about photographing along the coastline is that it is forever changing, the sands shift, the tides and currents erodes the shoreline which makes for a fresh experience every time you visit. 

My recent work reflects what I love most about photography, drama and darkness. When I am out in unfavourable conditions I feel at home with the camera, do not get me wrong, I love a nice sunny day for hiking or exploring but would prefer the conditions to be a bit wilder when after that shot! For me it is this challenge that excites me the most. Any man and his dog can stick a camera on a tripod and wait for the sunrise or sunset to blow up, but coming home with a good image when the rain is sideways, or the wind is so strong your tripod could blow over is where I feel most at home. Some may call me stupid, but during these conditions I at least get to see the landscapes on my own without the crowds of photographers. 

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The development of my recent work happens to be pure luck. The last few trips I have been on the weather has been dreadful. Scotland, the Lake District and the Faroe Islands all exhibited wet and windy conditions but I have found these recent trips have produced some of my best work to  date. 

At the back end of last year, I had the opportunity to travel to the Faroe Islands, a group of islands which had been on my wish list for a while. During the first day we got a chance to explore the main land of Vagar. The first morning we headed out to a sea cliff I had seen on Instagram which looked out of this world. Almost fake. As you hike towards the coast line the land rises rapidly in front of you, but is not until you get to the top and look back to where you came from that the mesmerising view reveals itself. A fjord sitting above the ocean. Seeing it first hand was a moment I will never forget, I took my time to breathe in the sea air and watch the gulls below my feet take flight from the cliff and play with the waves whilst they crashed into the rugged cliff face.

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Whilst I enjoy new adventures and seeing unfamiliar places, the Scottish Highlands are the place I most look forward to returning too. The diversity of photography subjects offers so much pleasure for those seeking adventure, whether this is a road trip around the coast, hiking in some of the best and most unusual mountain ranges or spending the afternoon with the local deer and highland cows. The rawness of the place feeds my addiction and thus keeps me coming back for more.  

Ultimately the goal is to keep doing what I am doing, exploring and making memories with other like-minded people. I can’t see photography becoming a full time job as that for me will be the point I lose interest and look for other ways to entertain my brain.  For those starting their own photography journey, try not to get caught up in the social media game and worry what everyone else is doing. Do your own thing, go out with awesome people, have fun and take some pictures to relive the feelings you had that day. 

Adventure is out there, go find it!

Words and Photos by Daryl Walker