Robert Birtles

Photography has an incredible power to inspire change.

Hello, my name is Robert. I'm 22 and based in Dundee.  an early age, I loved being outdoors; running through forests, climbing trees, splashing around in rivers or swimming in the sea. My childhood years allowed me to develop an appreciation and passion for the natural world. Photography rekindled this love of the outdoors as I begun to explore more of the Scottish Highlands. 

Being outside is where I feel most at home and it is where I feel most fulfilled; my favourite memories are from my time exploring the mountains and coastlines of Scotland. One of which I shall recall from last summer in Assynt. I was hiking Stac Pollaidh, a small mountain overlooking the inner seas of the Scottish west coast. As I waited on the summit for sunset, I met Angus, a retired member of the mountain rescue team. We chatted and got to know each other, Angus shared a dozen tales from his many years in the highlands, most of which he recalled by pointing out over the horizon to the respective mountain. His wealth of knowledge regarding the area was incredible, I felt so lucky to have shared this evening with him. As the sun began to dip below the horizon, the sea sparkled gold and the surrounding mountains were illuminated by a bright red glow, it was the best end to an amazing week on the road. 


For me, photography is the perfect creative medium to capture, document and share these experiences with the world, and to hopefully inspire others to explore and preserve the natural landscapes around them! This particular experience also happens to be one of my main inspirations towards my current personal project. Although I am still in the early stages, I am extremely excited to take on a new challenge within my photography. I can't wait to share more of this project as I progress forward. At the moment, I am working to improve upon my documentary images. This aspect of my photography is where I wish to develop the most over the coming months. I also hope to increase the volume of projects I am involved on, personal and commercial, but as long as I am having fun, then that is what matters most to me. In the long term, I would love to create imagery that tackles environmental issues as this is something I am deeply passionate about; photography has an incredible power to inspire change.  

My advice to anyone starting out would be to take as many photographs as you can, practice really does make perfect! But most importantly, have fun!”


Words and Photos by Robert Birtles.